We move your applications to the cloud with high availability


What is this about?

Moving existing applications from your physical servers to the cloud must be done in a way that the only difference the user notices is a more efficient performance and that your infrastructure remains secure, operating with the resources your business needs to sustain itself.
And here is where our knowledge and experience will help you achieve your productivity and performance goals. It is important for us to be sure that your infrastructure reaches its highest potential.



Migrating to the cloud has big benefits, mainly focused on resource management, and therefore a better cost planning, since you pay for what you use, having the required flexibility according to your demands and your work equipment.


Forget about buying capacity that you won’t use, increase or decrease the capacity in a couple of hours according to your demand.


Among the most remarkable benefits:
  • Attention to demand peaks.
  • Growths within hours.
  • Application security.
  • Excellent system performance.
  • Immediate enabling of branches or users.
  • Reduction of personnel focused on the care of on-premises models.
  • The storage equipment depreciation nullifies.
  • Applications are available at any time and place.
  • Cost reduction.


Uses cases

You will be able to migrate any application that your company requires, regardless of its use or capacity. It doesn't matter if it is your development, or you acquired it through a software provider. Take a plunge and start enjoying the benefits of a cloud-based scheme.


Somos Partners de Google Cloud, AWS y Azure.


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