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What are we talking about?

.When a company decides to adopt the cloud, it aims to innovate in the processes of decision making, data collection and information presentation; achieving an effective and systematic management of its business, by using all the technological elements in their favor.



iNBest supports companies to reach the next level, with all the functions found within the countless services provided by the public cloud. Facilitating them to enter into digital transformation models, focusing on economies of scale, automating architectures as a service, increasing productivity levels, as well as internal and external service levels.


Use Cases

Leveraging these cloud capabilities, iNBest expects customers to have great results like: a positive impact on product and/or service innovation, their information distribution to increase marketing and sales efficiency, an operational risk reduction, a better customer experience, digital growth and continuous improvement of corporate control.


Key points of Digital Transformation

  • Decision making with information acquired in real time.
  • Easy and simple integration with different sources of information in the network as services.
  • Improved customer profiling and data collection for feedback.
  • Design of business strategies with cloud-based tools.
  • Launch of new products developed with Cloud as a platform.
  • Continuous improvement aligned to the quality requirements requested by the industry.
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A continuous improvement aligned with the best practices of the industry.

Digital transformation